• A contract on the provision of legal and advocacy services is concluded between the client and the lawyer. Payment to the lawyer will be made on the basis of a contract and according to the current lawyer's tariff in the Republic of Serbia, with the possibility of reducing the price of services to regular clients and clients who contract for a longer period or need more legal services. The lawyer makes a special or general power of attorney with the client, depending on the type of services and legal tasks that need to be performed. When drafting each individual representation agreement, the client is obliged to submit and communicate all information and notices to the lawyer and is responsible for providing incorrect information or notices. The lawyer guarantees that he will perform all services as professionally, responsibly and promptly as possible, the lawyer will report to the client on the completed service, the lawyer will send the client a detailed report on the performed service. The lawyer will keep detailed documentation on the performance of services and form special files, with complete documentation on the performed services, which he will make available to the client at any time at the client's request, and after the service, the lawyer will hand over the complete documentation.